York solar system cycle.

With another lockdown looming it seem like a good time to share with you all my blog post about the solar system cycle in York. N and I did the cycle in the summer and I have been meaning to share this post ever since. I guess in the next month we will again be outside exercising and hopefully there will be some chances to get out on our bikes again.

The York solar system cycle is just under six and a half miles long. It runs along the old east coast mainline railway. The models are spreadout to scale meaning depending which end you start from the planets are either quite close together or spread out for awhile.

The cycle route is very flat and almost all of it is off road. There is a small section that takes you alongside and through a quiet housing estate. The route felt very safe and even in the school holidays was relatively quiet.

Pluto on the solar system cycle route York

We started the cycle at the Askham bar park-and-ride, there was a sign saying not to park unless you’re using the park-and-ride so I’m not sure if this is really allowed or not. There is some road parking or you could cycle to the start if you’re close enough. The route is on the National cycle network route number 65 and it was well signposted.

York solar system cycle

We decided to stop off on the way back in Naburn at the Blacksmiths Arms. The food was really reasonably priced fresh and delicious. There were plenty of places along the back of the pub to secure your bike and the pub was signposted from the cycle track.

The route of the cycle took us through beautiful fields and alongside a nature reserve. The cycle track was lined with trees and beautiful on a summers day. There are lots of things to see including a look out post from where you can look across to the minster, a bridge with a galvanised steel structure of a man siting fishing alongside his bike and dog. There were plenty of benches and places to stop and rest.

Naburn bridge York cycle route

We really enjoyed the cycle and will definitely be doing it again, in fact we have been since for a walk and whilst it was less exciting with the planets taking longer between them it was equally beautiful. The fact that the cycle route was predominantly off-road was fantastic and made it much more enjoyable. At the end with the Sun (the end nearest York) there was some skate ramps which N enjoyed cycling up and down. If you’re looking for something to do during the coming weeks I highly recommend a trip to the York solar system cycle route.

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