York ice trail February 2019

A really quick post this week as I didn’t want to miss the Wednesday upload.

Here are some photos from this year’s ice sculpture trail. This year the trail was just one day rather than the two it usually is. I hadn’t realised until the day that it was not on on the Sunday and I know a lot of people were disappointed. There was a much bigger number of visitors this year and it felt exceptionally busy for a cold February day. The ice sculptures were amazing.

There were lots of sculptures and this year we picked up a map so we could make sure not to miss any. There was live ice sculpture and also the chance to win prizes with Everyman. The sculptures were around between 10 and 6 and were then taken away. The event was free and a really lovely way to spend a couple of hours.

If your visiting from outside of York the park and ride is always a good way to travel.

The link to the official visit York site with more details is here.


Here are a few of my photos.


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