York Dungeons – are you feeling brave?

This weekend we went to the York Dungeons. I had kindly been gifted tickets for my family and I to visit. As you probably know if your reading this we travel a lot. Wherever we go we look on trip advisor and find out what the local area has to offer. We often choose something to do each day and experience the local attractions. I have no idea why but despite living in York where there are plenty of options for things to do and see we very rarely explore what is so easily accessible to us. We need to get better at that!! Not surprisingly this is one of the top fun things to do in York on trip advisor.

On the way into York we were wondering what to expect. To say we were beginning to be a bit scared may be an understatement. 👧🏻 has heard stories from the playground of friends and teachers who had been to the dungeons and survived. What were we going to find?

Mr Unicorn and I had been over ten years ago and remembered that we enjoyed it but the details have become foggy over the years. There is a Halloween event on at the moment and many of the shows were different.

We were not disappointed. When we arrived 👧🏻 was very apprehensive. She is scared of the dark and bumps and creeks in the night and as we waited to go in I could see she was becoming more and more unsure.

The outside has been decorated for Halloween and looked amazing. There are two queues, one for prebooked tickets and another for tickets that you buy as you come in. On a sunny October afternoon it was fairly quiet and we were inside in about 10 minutes. We went up stairs and had our photos taken and then inside for the fun to begin!! Looking at the website https://www.thedungeons.com/york/en/ it seems that the tickets are better value if you book in advance. For an even better deal you could buy a years merlin pass and get into lots of attractions. Or if your local you can get an annual pass to York Dungeons for £25.

There is no photography once inside these next two photos I am sharing of the scenes have been provided by the dungeons.

You move round from room to room and are told various stories. They choose people to help out with this – last time we went Mr Unicorn ended up in the dock. This time neither of us got chosen. It may be due to the small child hanging off my arm or my lack of eye contact!!

Here are a list of the shows form the website;

Fear The Vikings

Vengeance of the Vikings

The Plague Doctor

The Golden Fleece

Margaret Clitherow

The Gunpowder Plot

The Torturer

The Courtroom


The Highwayman

The Tavern

There are lots of jump scares as well as some terrifying bumps and claustrophobic scares. I was frightened several times and thought it was all done really well.

There is a tavern at the end of the tour where you can have a drink and catch your breath after the final show which we both thought was amazing. 👧🏻 not so much. She was scared. Really scared.

Overall 👧🏻 enjoyed the experience – me and Mr Unicorn loveed it. I think maybe she is a little young to fully appreciate it- having said that there were some boys about 10 who were fully immersed in the jump scares. We would defiantly recommend it – if your brave enough!!

Check out the social media platforms for more up to date information.

*thank you again to York Dungeons for the tickets.

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