Wheldrake Woods – York

Wheldrake woods in York dog friendly and free parking

If that picture doesn’t make you want to go to explore Wheldrake Woods I don’t know what will! We went last weekend for the first time. The walk takes you on a central path through the trees but as you walk there are lots of little paths off in both directions so perfect to wander a while and see where you end up. There is water to splash in and some very muddy puddles to jump in. N got stuck in one, properly stuck. We also saw a couple of picnic benches and people having lunch.

We took Poppy and she loved it. We kept her on the lead for the main path but as we got further away she came off and had a lovely run.

The woods are in Wheldrake, we took a postcode off the internet and ended up somewhere completely different! They are at the top of Broad Highway. Parking was easy and free. We had expected it to be busy as we are still in lockdown but other than the entrance it really was lovely and quiet.

forestryengland.uk manage the woods, they were really clean – I didn’t see one piece of litter and felt really safe.

If your looking for places to walk in York I can also highly recommend the solar system cycle and have added a link to my blog about that Solar system cycle


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