Weigh in week two and three

Loosing weight gets harder with age. I wonder if that is a fact or something I am telling myself. I have been super strict with what I have been eating. In the first week I was disappointed to have lost three pounds and the second week it has felt even worse. I maintained. That was not a good week. I had been eating well and exercising every day.

I was considering doing something else. The rational side of me knows that this is going to be a long term thing. Maybe I was over optimistic to think I could lose a stone in a month.

Week three was make or break. If I didn’t see better results I planned on doing something else – not that I had a plan for that. As it happened I managed to lose six pounds in week three. The difference was almost entirely that I started drinking more water. Four litres more water. I had read an article about drinking a gallon of water a day to lose weight so got a huge bottle and drank it every day.

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Lose a stone in a month drink a gallon a day for weight loss

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Increase in water


I knew from week two I needed to up my water intake but I hadn’t realised how much difference it would make. I was super pleased with a six pound loss.

Can I lose the last five pounds to lose a stone in a month? I really hope so!

If you didn’t see my week one update is hereWeek one weight loss looking forward to next week to see if I can lose a stone in a month.

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