Weigh in week one.


Week one weigh in results

I weighed in on Friday, I have been lovely following slimming world without really having any syns and I have not really been snacking outside of meals.

A global pandemic and being back to homeschooling is a good way to make me want to hit the gin and chocolate but I didn’t. I ate really well and ran everyday so I was expecting great things on Friday.



I lost three pounds. I really want to lose a stone in January so if I’m being honest I was hoping for five but it is what it is. I have tried as hard as I could so I have to hope that next week is better. Downwards is always better. The three pounds off means I am in the next stone category too. I never want to be back there again!

Another week of similar is the plan. See how it goes and hope for the best. Being at home and working at home means I am not moving as much as I want and I need to up my water. Hopefully that makes a difference.

Hope everyone is ok. Will update again next week.


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