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We have been in our house seven years now and as with the rest of the nation we have been having a clear out, organised and tidied  all of the house during lock down. A couple of weeks ago I decided it was time to sort out the carpets. We have a cream carpet in all of the rooms which I have patch cleaned before but we have never had a carpet cleaner so I had high hopes.

I went for the vax duel power pet advance. We have a Labrador who malts so I thought this would be ideal. I was sold on the pet advanced words – that had to be good for us surely.  Vax ECR2V1P Dual Power Pet Advance Carpet Cleaner, Plastic, 800 W, 4.2 liters, Grey/Blue.  I have linked the one we used here. I had been recommended this cleaner and was eager to give it a try.



The vax is quite light weight and needs to be assembled. It is fairly easy and just needs to join three sections together and add three screws.  It felt very flimsy.  I am not overly sold on the design of it.  It looks really good when it is first built and the vax is clean however one thing that quickly became apparent is that the dog hair gets caught up in the front.  I had hovered the room first with my Dyson and was surprised to see how much more hair this picked up.  I didn’t like that it was not possible to clean the front and it would then always look dirty – I think you could maybe rinse it out but it would be fiddly as the brush is in the way.  I am also not sure long term how that would smell?  


The Vax is good and picks up dirt within the carpet well.  I found that the distribution of water was different as I moved around the room and I had hoped it would pull up more water and with that more dirt.  It left a lot of soapy residue in the carpet when there was a lot of dog hair in the brush.  I had to clean this out and go over again to get the soap out.  I also round that the vax held less water and I had to refill several times for one room.  



The Rug Doctor was more expensive “>I have linked the Rug Doctor here

The Rug Doctor comes with a great reputation and I know others really rate the ones you can hire.  The first really obvious difference in this machine is the weight of it.  It is heavy.  I have a bad back and pulled it when initially lifting it out of the box.  I am not sure I would be able to carry it up and down the stairs on my own.   Once it is out of the box it is easier to move around and I had no issues.

It is a really robust machine.  It felt entirely different to the Vax.  It had a tool adapter to hang on the back but there was no need for a screwdriver this time.  The plastic is harder and I imagine would last a lot longer.  It is about a hundred pounds more expensive and you can see that from the build of it.  

It is much less aesthetically pleasing.  It is big and red and very very loud.  It does fold down for storage but in all honesty I don’t think that will make a massive difference as it will be stored at the back of the under stairs cupboard.  I found the rug doctor to be better at pulling the water out of the carpet and it was dry within a couple of hours.  

The  Vax is more or less the size of a Dyson and looks like it would store more discreetly.    I found the plastic to be quite flimsy and it was much less robust.  The carpet cleaner was loud but not as loud as the rug doctor.  


Both cleaners came with an upholstery attachment which had to be attached.  On the Vax it stores in a separate bag.  The vax has a holder attached to the machine but it looks a little bulky.  I would have it unattached whilst using the machine without it.  


Both came with a small bottle of carpet cleaner.  I think this would be enough to clean one room.  The machines both cleaned the carpet well.  The Rug Doctor has a measuring cap within the lid making refilling with clean water really easy.  The Vax doesn’t have any measuring options within the machine or on the solution bottle. 


My opinion is that the carpet doctor is more suitable for us.  With a dog the hairs that were deep into the carpet came up and went into the dirty water tank.  On the Vax this was the same but many hairs got stuck in the rotating brush bars.  I think if we were not specifically looking for something for a house with a pet then the Vax would have been enough.  For us it is worth paying the extra money and having a more solid cleaner.  



Rug Doctor can be found on Amazon here


The Vax duel power pet advance can be found on Amazon here


I hope that this has been helpful.  If you have any questions please let me know.

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