Trolls and Tattle

My thoughts on trolls. Grab yourself a cuppa and a cake. Let me know what you think.

There seems to be a lot of talk at the moment about trolling of people on Instagram. A site called tattle life has got a lot of attention this past two weeks I thought it would be interesting to share my thoughts and also answer some of your questions. I put a question box on Instagram – I hope I have answered the questions I got and my thoughts.

I guess the first thing to say is that my Instagram feed is small comparatively with some of the feeds that have been part of the discussions. This is my take and I am open to continuing the discussions with other people.

I have never had any negative messages or comments. I have had the odd unwanted picture or suggestive dm but nothing personal or confrontational.

Tattle life is one of several gossip forums for people to discuss many topics. One of which is Instagram personalities. Having read some feeds it appears that most of the people who end up posting on tattle do so as they are worried about commenting on the actual grid photos or videos for fear of being blocked or as is often the case because they have been blocked. Tattle has been called out this week by several big accounts for posting horrific comments. I have had a read and nothing I saw was horrific. The boards are well moderated and some of the posts that are a step too far are quickly taken down. The majority of the chat is gossip.

The sites calling for Tattle to be shut down have pages of pages of threads. These range massively but within the comments about paint colour and cars there are plenty of things that are shocking – children left unattended or not properly supervised. The issue of children being constantly included in vlogs. The majority of what I have seen is appropriate challenge. The reason I think it is on Tattle and not the Instagram feed or vlog is because the subject is not able to get into a debate or defend their position. As a parent it is a constant process of decision making. There will be others that don’t agree with you. At this point you need to be confident and secure in your decision making but open to challenge and consider different opinions. We are in the stage of parenting where independence is being considered. When making a decision for my own child I consider various things. What I do with my ten year old and what the lady next door does whilst in total contrast are both right. Right for us and our children. We can debate that and see the reasons for making decisions whilst maintaining our own views. This is the step that seems to be missing in the world of Instagram and you tube.

Unlike decisions on parenting regulator rules are clear and many influencers are not following the guidelines that underpin their jobs. This is not a hobby for many people and is how they make the income and that puts food on the table for them and their children. You would think that they would pay more attention and get it right. #ad when it is an ad. I don’t understand why they ‘forget’ unless it is because ad posts tend to get less engagement. Brands are clear that they want ads to be labelled properly. It is ridiculous that there are so many ads not labelled correctly. Particularly when you see several people working with the same company at the same time and half follow regulation and half don’t. It is clear that they should all be marked #ad. When challenged it is likely you will be blocked. This is not ok.

Stranger still is that influencers must see that this is wrong and rather than supportive challenge within the industry I have seen many influencers supporting the need for gossip sites to be shut down. If they showed the same level of challenge to each other when they are not following regulator rules there would be less need for members of gossip sites to do it!

There are several more questions and I will write another post later in the month.

The bit I don’t get is why the influencers plug tattle. Making a post or a story about how awful it is surely only sends more people to read it. Lots of the comments and posts are based on the truth they don’t want you to see. Why would they publicise it. I get that it increases views but is that really the type of attention you would want? Very strange!!

Blocking and deleting only serves to alienate people. They will look elsewhere to continue the discussion which is why sites like Tattle exist.

Other areas are awful. People making huge mistakes, be that with the ASA or general life mistakes and brushing them under the carpet. There seems an inability for some people to accept that they have been caught out in not being honest. In these instances the threads go on for many many pages. The subject doesn’t apologise but calls for a ban on Tattle – the users of Tattle call for an apology. Neither of these things are likely to happen. Free speech is not going to stop and some people never can say sorry. For that reason Tattle and other similar sites are here to stay.


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