Travelling tips

I have travelled quite a lot over the last year and a half. I am really lucky to work term time only so I try to go away each school holiday. I thought it would be helpful to write a blog on what I find helpful when travelling. Here are my tips. Let me know what you do to make your holidays easier.

I have some packing cubes. I don’t know how they work but they make packing so much less stressful. I pack each one with a different item, tops, dresses, electronics and find this makes my packing much more methodical. It makes unpacking easier too and I find that I can get more in my case. I have linked the ones I have here.

Next is having minimal hand luggage. I used to go all out and have what ever the maximum was. Now unless I am going to go hand luggage only (have two holidays planned in October and have no hold luggage booked!) I like to take the very basics. This came after a holiday where I thought I was being really cleaver and buying all my toiletries and sun cream in boots airside. It was good being able to not include them in my luggage allowance but the reality was I just took too much stuff that I didn’t need and then had to negotiate a really heavy bag around the airport and then the other side once I had my two cases and two heavy hand bags it was not my most demure moment. Now it’s passports, cash, phone and kindle. We usually buy water and a snack at the airport and depending on the time of the flight have a blanket with us. It is so much less stress to get rid of the case and feel able to move around easily.

Pack pjs and swim wear at the top of the case. Depending what time you arrive the last thing you want to do is to have to dig in the case for pjs or swim wear. It’s also helpful to have chargers and adapters in a place that’s easy to find too.

Make a list – ok I love a list – I like to write everything that is in each case so I can find it in a hurry but also if I have packed to the luggage allowance I then know how much each case will likely weigh to go home. I also know what I took each holiday, what I used and didn’t and what I need or don’t need for the next holiday that’s similar. My brain isn’t able to retain the detail I want and a list is really helpful the following year to make sure you don’t over or under pack.

Finally don’t let the packing take the fun out of the lead up to your holiday. You really don’t need as much as you think you do. Enjoy!!


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