Travelling alone with 👧🏻

I have had a couple of messages about travelling alone as a parent. I thought I would write my top five tips for travelling on your own with children.

  1. Pack light. I have struggled with this over the years but it really does make life easier to have less things with you. When she was really little I struggled with two cases and two hand luggage bags. It was really not needed. If you can take one case do ( often if your luggage is included the airline let you have a heavier case – check before you book). With hand luggage it is defiantly best to have less. A backpack makes it easier and you have your hands free for the cases. I have a small across body bag for passports and cash.
  2. Do your research. Being the adultyist adult can be hard when you are responsible for making all the decisions. Have a rough idea of what is available locally. Trips, restaurants. I like to have an idea of what we will do whilst we are away.
  3. Find a suncream your child can apply to your back. 👧🏻 couldn’t master the spray bottles the first year and that made for some interesting sun stripes.
  4. Find some good books. The first year I was so tired from working that I was asleep soon after 👧🏻. On subsequent trips it has been nice to have a book to read in the evenings – on the balcony with a glass of wine. As she is older we now both read during the day and I crochet in the evening whilst listening to podcasts.
  5. Enjoy the lack of structure. I don’t mean that we can stay awake until midnight – neither of us would be good company the next day! One of my favourite things to do on holiday either just us or family holidays is to walk to the beach after dinner.

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