Things to do in Bruges with children

We have been to Bruges a handful of times before both with and without 👧🏻. This time we have 👧🏻and her bestfriend. We decided that two would be easier to entertain. We are here for a week and I thought I would share with you what we have been up to. Bruges is renounced for beer and chocolate and whilst that would be lovely it possibly isn’t the best parenting!!



We have never seen the windmills before despite visiting several times. This was top of the things I wanted to explore this time. We found them really easily and we walked from the centre in about twenty minutes. There are four windmills left on Kruisvest. Sint-Janshuis Mill. It is a really pretty walk and it was lovely to be away from the busy city streets. We took a picnic and sat for a while watching the world go by whilst the girls rolled down the hill.

Chocolate and chip museum


We have visited both museums before and they have an offer where you get the tickets slightly cheeper if you buy both. We decided to take it in turns and my husband took the girls to the chip museum whilst I had a coffee and then we swapped and I took them to the chocolate museum. It probably took an hour for each and I defiantly got the better end of the deal as there were chocolate samples throughout.


Koningin AstridPark


We also explored the local parks. I remember seeing a great park on the film In Bruges and wanted to go this time. The park is near the fish market and a short walk out of the city. It has a bandstand, a pond with a fountain and a play park that is in a giant sandpit. There are benches to sit at whilst the girls played and the flowers in the park were really pretty.


Horse and Cart ride


We went for a ride on a horse and cart on our first full day. The sounds of the horses are part of Bruges charm for me and a visit here isn’t complete without a ride. It costs €50 plus a tip for a thirty minute ride round the city with a brief stop for the horse to have something to eat and drink. Our guide was really knowledgeable and we learnt more about the city this time then any other. The girls took it in turns to ride up front and take in the views. You queue for the horse in the main market square and depending on the day you could be there for a long tine! This time we went first thing in the morning and there was no queue at all.


We are half way into our stay in Bruges and have many more plans. Make sure you come back to see what else we get up to in Bruges with children.

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