The Historium – Bruges

As you may have seen from my previous post Days out with kids Bruges we were in Bruges for Easter. One of the more expensive things to do is visit the Historium. There are various things inside but our favourite is the walking back in time tour. You have to be over 12 for some of the other experiences but this is fine for any age. There are several staircases to climb and it is dark in places – the first time we went we were not at all sure for the first room but we soon relaxed and had a lovely time.


The tour is described as experiencing the golden age of Bruges.  You will find the Historium in the market square.  If you have your back to the Belfry then the Historium is on your left hand side.  It is possible to buy your tickets in advance online and this then allows you to use the ticket in the next six months and you avoid the queues.  We have always got ours when we are ready to visit and the queues have never been an issue.  You do save money if you book online so maybe we will be more organised next time.



The visit to the Historium takes you back to medieval Bruges, you see the city through the eyes of Jacob, using an audio guide that is set for you before you enter you hear and see a love story unfold.  The story pulls you into the romantic city of Bruges and you enter seven rooms each provide another part of the story.  There is music and smell as well as the guide which allows you to see what it would have been like for Jacob.  The tour takes just under an hour.  After the rooms have been explored there is an interactive area where it is possible to explore more and also to try on some clothes to dress up.


We have been to the Historium on every trip to Bruges and whilst the story is the same we enjoy revisiting.  I am sure we will be back again.  It is nice to escape the busy city streets for some calm.  When you go into the rooms you are with a group of people – we were with four other people last time – and you go round together.  The number of people entering is managed and this adds to the experience as it is not overly busy.  There are some areas where you can sit down but the large amount of the tour is standing and walking.


The tour is in my opinion good value for money.  It is nice to see an alternative to the chocolate and waffles for a while and my daughter is captivated by it.  The senses are awoken to medieval Belgium and it is very cleaver how the love story is interwoven with the history of the city.  I would recommend a visit.


After you have finished the tour I would really recommend having a beer on the balcony.  It is a stunning view of the market square and the sights and sounds of Bruges are amazing from there.  The bar snacks are also delicious.



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