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We were invited to the new cookery school in York on Saturday to test out one of the classes before the grand opening in March. We attended the parent and child session which are aimed at children aged eight and above.  We made Italian meatballs and pasta. The kitchen is set up of the main demonstration area and then four islands each of which accommodate four cooking areas.  There was plenty of room for the two of us and all of the equipment was provided for everyone.  img_5664.jpg



We began with introductions to the chefs, there were three chefs and seven families so a really good ratio.  First there was coffee, juice and biscuits and then onto the cooking.  We all sat in the demonstration area and watched Andrew prepare the meatballs. D71_1356.jpgWe were given copies of the recipes to take home and they are all measured out in single portion size so you can work out how much to cook depending on how many people.  Whilst we were talked through how to make up the meatballs Andrew spoke about the cookery school and how it had almost become a dog hotel!  The building work began in October 2018 and it has just been completed.  Whilst the meatballs were cooking we learnt lots of tips which are transferable to my everyday cooking such as don’t cook in the middle of the pan, heat the pan before adding the oil and tips for the best meat for this recipe.


We then went over to our sections of the cookery school and began making the meatballs.  We were all provided with aprons – this is included in the price of booking the class.


It was lots of fun to cook and have the chefs on hand for advice and also to remind us of what we had learnt.  There was a lot of concentration.  After we had part cooked the meatballs we went back and learnt how to make the tomato sauce, again this section was littered with tips on how to cook and we were encouraged to ask questions about anything we liked.  It was a relaxed atmosphere and my main takeaway was that preparation is hey.  After the demonstration we all went back to finish off the cooking and serve up.  Everyone then sat together to eat the pasta and meatballs as well as vanilla ice cream with salted caramel sauce.  In the full three hour course you would make both courses but for our taster the chefs had prepared it for us.  All of the food was delicious.  Whilst we cooked and ate the chefs cleared up and whilst we ate they cleared the kitchens back to being shiny again.  What a treat not to have to do that after eating!



Once we had finished eating the chefs provided us with bags of the left over food we had made to take home. We also had our aprons and the recipes.  It was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon!!


I asked my daughter for some feedback and she said that she liked it a lot and the best bit was eating the food.


The whole experience was beyond our expectations.  The school looks great and my daughter thought that it was like being on the bake off.  The structure of the afternoon was just the right mix of being taught and making, the demonstrations captured the children’s attention whilst also giving the adults time to ask questions.  The chefs were really approachable and I loved how passionate they were about the school.  The afternoon flowed really well and everyone sitting together at the end was lovely. IMG_5534.jpg
There are a whole host of courses available at the cookery school, you can find all the information at are now taking bookings for there March opening.  The range of courses is huge from express, half and full day courses.  The parent and child courses are forty five pounds per person which for three hours of cooking, the aprons and the two course meal in a beautiful setting is really good value for money.





We didn’t use the outside area but I imagine it would be lovely if the weather was nice to sit outside and eat.



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