Tenerife Puerto De La Cruz

So we are just back from our second trip to Tenerife of the year. Before March we had never visited and if I’m honest I didn’t have high hopes for the trip. We got a really good last minute deal and 👧🏻 and I headed off on an adventure.  This is the second abroad holiday I have been on just with her and it felt great to be going again.  Last summer was bitter sweet and as we went to somewhere that we have been to many times with Mr Unicorn and my family it was strange being there just the two of us.  Tenerife was new with no memories and the adventure was exciting.  The architecture and cooler climate of Tenerife was lovely. In March it was cooler than I had hoped but still shorts weather. What more do you need when it had been snowing and jumper weather when we left Manchester.  By the time we were back in Tenerife again July it had warmed up a lot but still comfortable for walking round and not the stifling heat of a Greek summer.

Before we travelled we checked out was was available to do – we were staying in Puerto De La Cruz which is in the north and Loro Parque seemed to be at the top of the list. We went and were blown away by the day. It was expensive but they offer you the option to return within 15 days for £13 so we did that both in March and July. There are various shows on and these made it exceptional. We all enjoyed if and even my husband was overwhelmed with how good it was.  High praise indeed.

As well as the big days out at Loro Parque there were plenty of things to do. We liked being close to everything.  The north of Tenerife is popular with German and Spanish families.  The area we stayed was perfect as it allowed us to  move from pool to park to beech without having to commit to one for the whole day as has been the case when you are not so central.  

There are some amazing places for ice cream and I think we may have consumed our body weight during the trip.  The back drop was beautiful.

As we were so central it was nice to go for an evening walk on the beach.  The sand was black which took a little while to get used to!  There is something that makes be feel really nostalgic when at the sea.  Lots of my best memories from childhood involve days and nights at the beach.  I love that as a family it is one of our favorite places to go.  It doesn’t need to be a beach on a holiday far away, we are lucky to live near the East coast and enjoy lots of trips to Whitby each year.  The waves in Tenerife were quite extreme and made for perfect surfing.  Not for me, but it was good fun to watch.

We enjoyed a couple of trips to the Lago Martinez, there are several swimming pools and we enjoyed the days floating on the water.


The street art was also phenomenal.  I love seeing different street scenes and the street art added to the excitement as we turned a corner and another wall was covered in bright art.  Many of the buildings were brightly colored and this added to the happy feel.


I even found two yarn shops whilst there and another on a trip to Santa Cruz.  I had not thought that the primary yarn would be cotton as it is so warm but now I know that it seems that it would have been obvious.


We enjoyed out trip and I am sure we will go again – maybe not for a few years – twice in 20 weeks seems very excessive!!







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