Super chunky crochet blanket.

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I have had a lot of love on my Instagram feed for this blanket so I thought it was worthy of a blog post. It is a super quick and easy make that is beautiful. I will do a separate blog post with all of the spare room make over details next week.

I used two yarns, both from the seriously chunky range from cygnet yarns. The star of the show has to be the seriously chunky flamingo print yarn. I have added a link to the yarn – Click here Every other row was the cream yarn and I have added a link here – Click here

I had a couple of sample tries with the yarn- I ended up using a size twelve hook – I have linked one Click here

Seriously chunky cygnet flamingo yarn
Granny rectangle blanket

The yarn is lovely and squishy. I massively underestimated how much I would need – for my blanket that covers a double bed I used fourteen balls of yarn. I think I could add more and will possibly do this once the rest of the room is finished.

The pattern is a really simple granny rectangle. I will add the pattern here in case you want to make the same.

I started off with the flamingo yarn and chained eighteen. Into the fourth chain from the hook two tbl. Chain three. In the next chain three tbl chain one. Three trebles in the third chain along. Chain one and repeat skipping two stitches then three tbls into the third stitches. Chaining between the trebles. Chain three. Into the final chain stitch three tbls. Chain three. Repeat the tbls in the same stitches along the bottom of the rectangle. At the end of the row chain three to join.

Change to the cream yarn chain four. Into the next corner three tbls chain three three tbls. Chain one then continue round with three tbls into each space with a chain in between. In the corners add chain three. Keep adding rounds alternating the colours.

Chunky crochet blanket on a mustard bed

I absolutely love the finished blanket and want to make everything in seriously chunky yarn from now on. It works up soo quickly and this yarn is beautiful. If you make a blanket please tag me so I can see.

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