Sunny Beach Bulgaria Family Holiday

We are on holiday at the moment at Sunny Beach in Bulgaria. We booked two days before we left for the holiday and wanted a bargain all inclusive holiday. Somewhere to relax and spend the days reading and swimming. I had been looking for a holiday for a couple of weeks and had previously discounted Bulgaria entirely. I don’t really know why. We found a great deal flying from a local airport so here we are in Bulgaria.


Sunny Beach has a reputation for being a bit like Blackpool. I guess that is true. But I imagine a week in Blackpool all inclusive would be more expensive and a lot less warm. If your looking for some really reasonably priced holidays then this is fab – it is a lively resort and there is a lot of neon lights at night. We were mainly back at the hotel for the evenings and I wouldn’t fancy walking around at night on my own. We had no problems with noise at night and our hotel was full of families. I can imagine that it would be different in other hotels locally.

The beaches are lovely and stretch for miles in both directions. I had read that the beaches had a strange smell. We didn’t find this – they were impeccably clean and plenty of room for you to bring a towel and sit or use one of the sun beds. Two beds and an umbrella were 30 lv a day – about £15. Our hotel had a private beach which was a nice addition.

We have had lovely hot weather the whole week. We are here in May and the weather is not great in the Uk, France and Spain this week. They have lots of rain. My main motivation for booking this holiday had been the horrendous weather forecast in England so if we had rain here I would have been disappointed.


We are all inclusive and the food is good. The food outside of where we are staying varies in price. A McDonald’s cheese burger is 13 lv which is about £6.50. There is also really reasonable places. I was surprised at how reasonable it was to eat and drink in some of the restaurants. Food in the shops seems to be really varied with some things being much more than you would expect and other things much cheaper. A pancake with Nutella is £2. I think going all inclusive was a great idea for us.

We have enjoyed the rides that are nearby The view from the Ferris wheel is lovely. img_9910.jpg

There are good transport links to explore the nearby town of Nessebar – either by bus or by boat – you could go by taxi for £25 each way. Make sure that you agree a price before you set off. Boat for £5 each person each way and the bus for 70p each way. Nessebar is a world heritage site. It has very pretty little cobbled streets beautiful views and generally much quieter and calmer. If I was coming back I would defiantly look to stay in Nessebar.

So in short a great place for a week of relaxing if that’s what you want but equally if you are looking for a party holiday then this is the place to be.

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