Starting work on the garden

We live in a new build. After nine years of living in old houses we decided to settle in York and could no longer face all of the work that comes with owning an older house.

We have lived here for six years now and the garden is still looking quite neglected. When we first moved in the garden was full of builders rubbish. From rocks to scaffolding bolts there was a load to be cleared. The first summer – 2013 it was absolutely boiling and we spent the time clearing the garden before laying the grass seed in early September. Since then I have made several attempts to make the garden look nice but mainly they have been unsuccessful. img_0339-2453495924-1561407417357.jpgWe have a mishmash of plants and the boarders need some big shrubs I think. I am going to clear the boarders this weekend if it stops raining for long enough. We did plant a plum tree in 2013 and last year was the first year that it had fruit. It is looking good again for this year. We have planted a fruit tree in every house we have lived in and this is the first one that we have hung around long enough to benefit from.

What would you recommend for an easy garden? Pretty cottage style I think but with some big shrubs. Is that even a thing? I will let you know.


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