Starting the Couch to 5k

I need to start this with a few facts about me. I do not exercise. The most I do is a speed clean or the school run so when I began the c25k I was starting from a low point. Added to that it is the end of the school holidays and I have spent much of it eating my way through all of the holiday foods and I have undoubtedly put weight on. As our recent trip to Portugal came to an end I knew I needed to do something about my fitness. I am 37 and I guess the 40 mark is creeping up and I don’t want to be fat and unfit at 40!! So as the plane landed I downloaded the app. The app is free and there are plenty available. It is a nine week programme which increases the amount you run each week until eventually you can run 5k.

I have not needed to buy anything to start – I have a very bright pair of trainers that are very old and some comfy trousers and a couple of T-shirt’s. The headphones have been great and I would like some wireless ones at some point but it is easy to start and you don’t need any special equipment.

starting the couch to five k running preparation, trainers, water bottle and headphones

Week one

I pulled out my dusty trainers and boy did the first run feel difficult. It didn’t help that I started on a really hot day. Felt good to finish it tho and I managed to do almost all of the running. Eight whole minutes.

Things this week that I realised, drink all of the water, tie up my hair and it is noticeably easier after each run. The shower after a run feels incredible.

Week two

Week two moves up with slightly longer runs. You move from sixty seconds to ninety. It feels easier not to be starting and stopping and as the runs are longer there are less. I quite enjoyed this week. It is manageable to do the runs around the rest of our routine.

To be continued

I have actually found it easier than I thought. I will update the blog in a few weeks to let you know how I am getting on.


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