#gifted Starting Primary School – what I wish I knew

This post contains gifted items. All views are my own.

So we are three weeks into the new school year and I thought it would be fun to share the things I wish I had of been told when 👧🏻 started. These are my top five items to survive primary school.

  1. Headliceheadline all in one headlice shampoo, easy treatment for headlice

It’s not a nice thing to consider but there is nothing worse then the text from school letting you know that someone in their class has head lice. I think it is fairly inevitable that they will catch them and we were lucky enough to have the pleasure before October half term. We not have a stock of treatment in. As she has gotten older the messages are less frequent but this year they get to be buddies for the younger children so this will be ready for the inevitable.

2. Calendar

family planner and calendar with rows for each person in the house

No one told me that having a child start school is akin to starting a new job. You have forms galore. The autumn term is busy with nativity performances, parents evening and a list of occasions where you need to have fancy dress available. My advice is get it written on the calendar as soon as you know about it. We have one with several columns so everyone has a space for anything that needs us to remember. I felt like I needed a pa to manage all the school stuff when she first started.

3. Benenox

benenox lemon and ginger flavor reduces tiredness, food supplement

There is nothing worse then being run down and having your precious child coming home and sharing all of the germs. I started taking this Benenox this September and it has helped me feel more refreshed each morning and so far we have all been well!!

4. Stationary.

I love any excuse to buy stationary. I am sure I am not alone. It is helpful to have a constant supply of envelopes for the aforementioned number of letters that need to be sent back to school and also paper and pencils for homework.

5. Coffee

travel mug, make mine to go, marks and Spencer as part of the macmillan caner campaign

Again I think this is a life essential not just for parents of school children but if you must walk to school on a cold wet morning then a travel mug will make it a little more bearable.

I hope you found that a little helpful.


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