Blogmas – Day 16 Spare room makeover

We have spent much of October clearing and organising the house. Mainly the spare room has been the last room to get any attention. During lockdown I swapped my office from the smaller room to the bigger one as I spend so much time in there it made sense to have a lovely space to work. We have worked our way round the house organising and clearing – each time a little bit more got added to the spare room. There was a pile of shiz to sort out. A tip run and a mountain by the door for the next charity bags to be delivered. It is done and I could not be happier.


I am planning on sharing on my blog all of the different things I have added to the room. This little corner is something that I have had in my head since before I started. A ladder with blankets and colourful lights – the ladder is actually the bed of a shelf from @ikea and was only £10 which is a steal!

I absolutely love how it turned out. It is now a nice relaxing space where we can have guests over one day! In the meantime it is really bright and a lovely place to sit and read. I am sure I will be adding to it but it feels lovely to have it sorted out and clear.


If you love the blanket here is a link to my post about it in more detail.Super chunky crochet blanket.

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