Smear tests – have you booked yours

It’s a quick one from me today. I posted this on Instagram earlier in the week. I wanted to again post about the importance of looking after your health. In the media this week there has been information about the number of women having smear tests being at a low. This saddens me.


Several appointments later

I got my original letter this time in September. Because I have a holiday booked in the October I didn’t book my test. beyond any reasonable logic I didn’t want to have bad news whilst away. I do realise that this is ridiculous. So I booked my appointment for when I got back in early November. The results were inconclusive. ¬†This meant that I had to book another appointment in February as you have to allow three months between testing. When I arrived in February I was spotting so couldn’t have the smear. ¬†Finally booked and had my test in February half term. 👧🏻 went away and I had the rare luxury of a day to myself. This never happens, I could have gone and done what ever I wanted. I booked my appointment at 9:15. Then I went for breakfast. Two and a half weeks later I got the results and all is clear.


The power of Social Media

In that time I saw many posts on Instagram prompting me to book. Reminding me it is important. I feel that without the reminders I would have been less focused on getting my smear so quickly this time. It is a huge relief to have the all clear. My rational brain tells me that that it is important to be checked. My irrational brain told me I would have bad news. I am lucky that I got clear results. If that hadn’t have been the case it is so important to get treatment as soon as possible.

I want to make this a topic for discussion. We should make sure everyone has the opportunity to attend. I have seen local creche and child minders offering free child care to allow people to attend. There should be no barriers.

If you need to book please do it today.


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