Simple no measure pancakes

This is the easiest way I know to make pancakes. It is also how to make Yorkshire puddings. They work every time and taste lovely.

With pancake day tomorrow I thought it would be good to share my super simple no weighing pancake recipe.  Here is a really simple recipe for how to make pancakes from scratch.

Ingredients: plain flour, eggs and milk.

You will need a container, I use this little bird pot as it is the same size as one egg. You can use something small- a ramekin or small tub.

I use one egg per person – it makes about eight small pancakes.

Crack the egg into the pot. Add the egg to the mixing bowl and then add the same quantity of flour and then of milk. You can add more depending on how many people your making pancakes for. Just keep adding the same quantity.

Easy pancake recipe no measurements / cup

So here you can see one pot (which is a 1/3 cup measurement) of flour then an egg – then the same amount of milk.

Mix the pancake ingredients in   a mixing bowl

Mix. This can be done in advance and kept in the fridge or just used straight away.

Cooking pancakes

We are a stacks of small pancakes fan so add the mixture to a really hot pan. When you start seeing the bubbles appear they are ready to flip.

Pancakes with no measurements

Quickly ready to serve – always delicious.


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