New Years resolutions – for the family with Sculptapalooza #ad

As the new year starts and we are home from our trip to France we are looking at routines and how we spend time together as a family. As well as the things to work on like being more l organised, better time management and several other resolutions I have every year, this year we are going to reinstate blackout night. Every other weekend we will have a weekend day or evening with no phones, no tv, nothing with wifi, and spend quality time together.  I am hoping to do this weekly but I want to be realistic and make it achievable so we will see how it goes.

We were kindly gifted Sculptapalooza this Christmas from educational insights, they sell a huge range in several places including on Amazon. We decided that the fist day back from holiday would be a clearing out and organising morning and then we would all sit together and have some family time. This this was the perfect first game to try out.

The game says it is for ages 10 +. 👧🏻 just turned 10 and was able to follow the instructions and was really good at sculpting and guessing. The game comes with the sculpting floam. This was a huge hit and after a little kneading it became really easy to shape into the things on the cards. Also included was a timer, dice, cards and a mat to sculpt onto.

This was 👧🏻’s first go, the picture’s below it are a collection of all of our attempts.  It was the things that I thought would be easy that were hard.  This is an Owl.




As well as following the rules as in the game we also spent time playing just with the sculpt cards and each taking one and choosing something off the list to make.   This was really enjoyable and I think I probably liked doing that the best.


The actual rules of the game were that depending on how the dice rolled you chose something off the card and there were also lightening cards. The three of us really enjoyed playing. I think it would be a good came for bigger teams to play but still great fun for three. We managed to get everything back into the box and covered up so I am sure it will be fine to keep using.  The sculpting floam was mess free and the box says non-toxic.  We did get out a couple of extra boards to play it on so we had one each.

This game is £19.99 on Amazon at the moment.  I think it is a perfect family game and one we will be playing as we continue our fortnightly blackout evenings.  I will let you know how they go.  Have you got any ideas for what we can do?




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