Scheepjes whirl – the travelling yarn

A really quick post from me tonight. I just wanted to document that I have finally chosen a pattern for my Scheepjes whirl. This has to be the most frogged yarn of my crochet life. The most indecisive I have ever been. It has travelled with me to France, Edinburgh, London, Bulgaria, Belgium, the Lake District and several other trips. The problem is that is is soo lovely. I couldn’t commit to a pattern that would do it justice. I knew lots of what I didn’t want but it took a while to decide what I did want. The frogged travelling yarn was not my friend. It is tricky to keep it from tangling. I started several scarfs. I knew I wanted to make a triangular scarf and after much looking at Pinterest and Ravelry I started a couple. I wanted to make a granny triangle but felt that it wouldn’t be right. I was on the hunt for a stitch that would be similar. I tried linen stitch and don’t love it. I tried a more detailed pattern and it was too busy. Another picture of the travelling whirl. This time on the train to London. I took the yarn to Bulgaria and frogged it two more times. Finally I settled on a shell stitch scarf. I am loving it so far. I will share my ta da moment as soon as it’s finished.


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