Saltburn – A great British day out!

We spent the weekend at Saltburn. It is such a pretty seaside resort and just over an hour from our house. Saltburn seaside views from the top of the tramway, east coast.

We parked at the top of the hill by the tram – it was a fun way to get to the beach and parking at the top was free. It cost £1.1 for adults and £0.60 for children. Dogs could travel for free.

View from the top of the cliff at Saltburn by the sea down to the beach and tramway

I was hoping to see some crochet as the pier had been yarnbombed but we must have missed it. There was a little crochet left at the top but nothing like I had seen online.

Collecting seagrass on the east coast at Saltburn, seagrass in hand.

We had a lovely walk on the beach collecting treasure. There was plenty of seaglass and bits of pottery. When your ten there is something magical about finding pretty shells and other treasures on the beach.

Heart shaped shell on the beach at Saltburn, east coast

There were also lots of heart shaped stones which we were probably slightly more excited about than was needed.

colorful beach huts, perfect for Instagram pictures at Saltburn by Sea, East CoastThe beach huts were stunning and really different to any that I had seen before. The whole beach and surrounding areas were really clean.

Playing on the 2p pushers in the arcade at salt burn, east coast, days out with children

We had great fun on the 2p pushers. We won several prizes and she had great fun choosing how to spend her tokens.

eating fish and chips at the seaside, Labrador, dog at the beach, SaltburnThe dog was allowed on the beach – there are some restricted areas in the summer but when we visited – beginning of October – there were no restrictions.

ice-cream on the pier at saltburn by the sea, east coast

Have you even been to the beach if you have not had an ice-cream with raspberry sauce and a flake.

Saltburn was a surprise for us. A lovely quiet seaside town with clean beaches that were full of treasures. We took a flask of coffee and got lunch from the fish and chip shop. It cost £12 for the three of us. Really reasonable. We will defiantly be back soon.


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