Preparing for holiday

What do you do in the run up to going away. You would think I should be the expert by now. I travel a lot but am yet to fully crack the preparations.

Here are some things I do to make packing and preparing for holiday easier.

preparing to go on holiday

Packing cubes

So over recent years packing cubes have become more and more popular. For me it means I can begin packing sooner but in an organised way. I don’t need to have the case out but I can have swimming things all together in a packing cube ready. I may then do sun lotions or toiletries. I find it makes it so much easier and more organised. When you arrive it is easier to unpack too.

There are lots of options. We have various colours of these – Packing cubes – amazon


Get as much of the washing done before you go. The last thing you will want is any more to wash when you get back. The night before I go I like to wash the towels so they are done and also bedding in the days leading up to going away so I can come home to fresh sheets. If you fan wash when you are away then it is a huge bonus to come home with a case of clean clothes.


I like to have a rough idea of days out whilst we are away. I am not talking about having a full diary for everyday but I check out what is local to where we are going and work our what is close to each other. I also like to do a bigger activity, a day trip usually, about half way through.


Check you have the details of where you are staying in your phone. A copy of your passport and insurance emailed to yourself so you have access to it if you need to.

To do list

In the run up to holidays it always feels busier. I make a list of what I have to do and spread it evenly in the lead up. This helps prevent doing everything an hour before you leave!


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