Parenting fails

I am sure we have all had them. Times where we have not done what we would like to as a parent.

There seemed to be a time when social media was very much commenting on fails. Don’t get me wrong, most of the time I have my shit together and we have pe kits on the right days and remember when it is non-uniform day. We generally manage a cake for the bake sale and overall I am able to do what I need to in my parenting.

Like most parents I am spinning a lot of plates. Sometimes something goes a miss. One of these times was when three or four years ago I sent 👧🏻 to holiday club with a ham sandwich. Not the crime of the century but when you are six years old and a vegetarian it is almost unforgivable. Obviously the club staff thought I wouldn’t be so slack as to send her to club with something that she didn’t eat so made her eat the ham. In my defence when I wrapped up the sandwiches hers was egg mayo. Somehow in the journey to club it switched with mine. Obviously I no longer make sandwiches. That is saved for the husband. A job he loves. Ok he doesn’t like it one bit but you know. I tried.

My other frequent mummy fail is the old wet cardigan situation. Now each summer we buy five cardigans from Marks and Spencer. They last apparently. Not that we test out that theory in our house!! By the second week in September invariably we are down to one cardigan. The other four cardigans with names carefully ironed into the labels have vanished. Completely disappeared. So we are now in a situation where we are washing the cardigan at night and as it is still mild in September the thing is still wet in the morning. We have on several occasions had to have the hairdryer down the arms as an emergency dryer. I keep saying we will get a tumble dryer but so far no purchase. Maybe that is the trick. In the meantime I am spending all of the money on cardigans that she loses. If anyone finds the black hole that sucks up cardigans I have plenty to get back.

What are your parenting fails?


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