Paperscapes books, Dinosaurs, Space, Bugs & Animals

We were kindly gifted these four books From the wonderful Carlton Books. They are lovely quality and so much more fun than a traditional book. We were sent the Dinosaurs, Space, Bugs and Animals books and they are all hard back and beautiful. I love the smell and feel of a new book.

The illustration is great and I love that they are all clearly part of the same Paperscapes set. Rather than being a traditional book these have an additional element to them that make them more engaging and I think it helped us to engage with the information so I imagine that the improve learning too.

I will show you inside the Space book. Again it has a beautiful cover. The book has 64 pages of beautifully illustrated space based information.

This is the first page, the introduction to the book. Each page has a press out section. 👧🏻 is learning about space in school at the moment so this was perfectly timed.

You can see how the page is perforated and pushes out to create a spectacular space image. Each page has a section that comes away and reveals a paper art page. The official term is press out die-cut pages. The quality of the pages is great and all of the press out parts came away without damaging the rest of the book. It feels like you are personalising the book. 👧🏻 really enjoyed it. It is a perfect rainy day activity. We completed the die-cut over one afternoon and have continued to read the books since they have arrived.

We really enjoyed making the paperscapes in the Space book and can not wait to begin the others.

I have added links to the Space book if you would like to buy one. They are a great gift / this is an affiliate link meaning I get a small amount of commission but you are not charged any extra /

Thank you to Carlton books. We love them.


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