Packing for children – my top 5 tips

We travel and go away for the weekend often. I thought it may help others to share my packing tips that we use.

Packing cubes

I have spoken about cubes before but I can’t tell you how much they have changed how we pack. I pack 👧🏻 one for swimming things, one for underwear and pjs and then one for day outfits and one for evenings.

Packing cubes in a suitcase make it so much easier to pack and be organised

Layout outfits

There is nothing more annoying on holiday than realising that you have not packed all of an outfit. I do this in the sections from above. First I lay out all the swimming things – goggles, pool toys, swimming costumes. This gives a really visual idea of what we have and what I may need to buy. I do the same with her clothes for the days. More T-shirt’s that shorts as they tend to be able to be reworn.

Packing burritos

Bear with me. Once I have worked out the outfit I roll them together. If it’s a couple of days I put it all together with socks and underwear and then put each outfit in a small packing cube. If it’s a longer holiday I do day outfits in one cube and evening things in another. It means it is easy to grab everything all at once and cuts down on tine working out what to wear as it is already all arranged.

Mix between cases

I always mix our things between cases in case one goes missing.

Quick grab bag

Depending on what tine we land I have a bag ready with pjs for a night flight with toothpaste and brushes or swimming bag ready packed for an earlier flight. It is nice to unpack as soon as you arrive but sometimes that isn’t an option so I always have a bag with the things that are needed quickest.

summer holiday packing with packing cubes for easy family packing


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