Girls bedroom makeover

So last weekend my daughter went off for her second ever brownie camp. This one was for two nights. The sensible thing to do would be to get ready for Christmas. To go out for a meal or have a relaxing weekend. We decided that it would be a good idea to decorate her room.

Here is what it looked like before she went away.



It was an awful green colour. That was from about four years ago when my husband was in charge of paint shopping. It was supposed to be pale green. Anyway as you can see she had a lot of stuff and the room lacked any real theme. She has lots of books and all of the things in her room are treasure. She didn’t have anywhere to draw or sit other then the bed and the floor. She is going to be ten in a months time and it felt like we needed to do something more grown up.



The wall colour took a while to decide. We wanted a one coat paint. Having decorated several houses we now won’t use anything else. We wanted a paint that was going to go on well and give good coverage in one go. Some patches needed a second coat but given we went from the green to a much lighter colour I could live with that. We decided on a wilko paint called stardust in a mat finish. It feels really fresh and looks lovely. Much more calming then the green.

In the bedroom we started with the lamp. This was really kindly gifted. The Miss Maddy lamp has been a real hit. It is different to anything I have seen and I like that it is quirky. You can find it here.



We decided that we would keep the bed, it was only purchased a couple of years ago and it is hopefully going to last her for many more years. We wanted to change the wallpaper but when it came to choosing one there were none that we liked better than the one she had so we kept that and freshened the feel by adding a gallery wall. The grey frame is from wilko and the rest are from Ikea. The prints are a mix of eBay and photos. The little print I found at the knitting and stitching show. I love it.

For the bedding again we were kindly gifted this beautiful star set from Bloomsbury Mill. They do a range of bedding for all different size beds. We had struggled to get children’s doubles before and this company have a good range. Also perfect if you have children in cots and beds as they do all the ranges in all bed sizes. It’s perfect.

No room renovation is complete without a trip to ikea. As I said above we got most of the frames there and also a desk. It is the perfect size for a child. It fits all of the bits away in the two drawers and she has a cupboard for more treasure. The chair is an old one that was from Ikea many years ago. We framed this big Harry Potter poster – it looks so much better here then it did before when it was held up with drawing pins.

Here is another look at the prints once I had filled up the other two.

She loves her room and one week later it is still looking clean and organised. Long may it continue.

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