My Fairy Garden – Unicorn Garden

I have very kindly been gifted this My Fairy Garden – unicorn garden by interplay to try out.  We love anything creative and enjoyed putting the unicorn garden together, in all it took about an hour.  Here are my thoughts.



The My Fairy Garden range has been available for some time and has been on the to do list for some time.  There are many different kits in the range but the unicorn one was an obvious choice for us.    The kit is available via amazon, here is an affiliate link,My Fairy Garden Unicorn Garden. The kit includes everything that you need other than the soil.  I didn’t read the instructions but thankfully we had some in the shed.



The kit includes the bowl, this is made of plastic so is nice and safe.  Also included are the  unicorn, fairy and mouse figures, a wishing well and a Barbour.  Our favorite was the fairy mushroom.  Within the pack is two posts and some cord that you tie together and some stickers that you fold over to make bunting.  That was a little fiddly but it looks fab. My daughter thinks that it looks like the bunting is blowing in the wind.  She is kind!


We got the soil from the shed – I am not a soil expert but I don’t think that this lumpy stuff is recommended.  I should probably confess here that I am not a gardener, I love gardening but I am not very good at it.  Other than my daughter who is now nine I have never managed to keep anything alive.  I have tried many times,  I have a house plant that is currently eleven weeks old – possibly my second longest success so I was a little worried about my abilities to grow a fairy garden.   As you can see from the photo Poppy was also a little concerned that we were playing in the living room with soil.



We got all of the accessories out after dampening the soil.  This was the best bit, working out what would go where.  We followed the picture in the end as it looked so lovely.  It was great fun building the Barbour and putting the coloured gravel down.  Once we had finished laying the path and flowers we sprinkled the little fairy dust, placed the mouse on the path and hoped for the best.  There is an activity booklet that you can fill in whilst waiting.  We watered it a couple of times a week and by some fairy magic we grew the garden.  The booklet suggests that the grass will take one to two weeks to grow, ours took about a week.  The grass needs to have an occasional trim with some scissors. It is a good size and there is plenty to decorate with, I had been concerned that the bowl would look a little empty whilst waiting for the grass to grow but it was lovely.    Ours has sat on the kitchen windowsill and fits well.


We are really happy with it and have already looked at the original kit with the cottage and washing line.  It is a great present for a nine year old and not just something that can be done in the summer.  The kit is suitable for children aged four years plus due to the small parts.


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