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On Saturday we were invited to Monks Cross to update our autumn wardrobes. I don’t think I have been shopping with 👧🏻 before when we don’t ‘need’ something. Our usual trips are the type where we have a specific thing in mind and are looking for it.  We have been for various specific things over the years, school shoes, winter coat, birthday present. Often those shopping trips are stressful and take infinitely longer than it should do and invariably ends with us going back to the shop that you went to first to buy the item that wasn’t quite right but now having viewed all of the options is the one that we have to take home.

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We had spoken to monks cross whilst on holiday in August so the shopping trip had been long awaited and we were very excited. Both of us had cleared out our wardrobes to look where we had some gaps so we could choose things that we actually needed. For me that was dresses and basics and a new bag. For 👧🏻 it was dresses and a couple of tops and she also needed some basics.

I pulled into the car park as the clock turned to 9 o’clock and there were very few other cars around. I was surprised to see that Monks Cross opened at nine. I had assumed it was 10 o’clock. It was really quiet and I would recommend getting there for 9 if you can. We started off at Debenhams who had a 20% of shoes and bags. An amazing start given that my primary purpose was to buy a new bag. I wanted to invest in something that was going to last rather than buy something cheap and cheerful. Having said previously about taking 👧🏻 around the shops and ending up back at the one we started in with the item that we saw first is exactly what I did this time with a bag. I found a beautiful black bag which I then proceeded to try and find something better but didn’t I think I knew all along that was going to come home with me.

The next shop that we spent the most money in was H&M. There is a huge range of items for children and it’s one of the shops where you can buy things that are age-appropriate so little girls can look like little girls. Dressing at ten can be quite difficult to navigate but I am sure that all of the clothes in H&M are lovely. They do some amazing conscious fashion items as well and also if you taking a bag of old clothing I’ll give you 5 pounds off voucher when you spend £25.

recycle clothes in York at h&m and get money off vouchers for your next shop

As part of the girly shopping day I really wanted to experience trying on clothes and sharing the day. As a child when shopping with my mum I would choose her the most horrific outfit that she would have to try on whilst I was trying on the item that we are actually buying. I love my memories of those days and whilst I wasn’t looking for horrific things I did want to have some quality time together. 👧🏻 had found armful of items that she wanted and we went to the changing to try them on. On the way in I randomly saw a dress that I thought I would grab so that I would have something to try on to and it turned into that my favourite dress that I currently own. The changing rooms at the H&M in York are nice and big and the mirrors in there are really flattering.

H&M dress, autumn clothes shopping at Monks Cross in York

It wouldn’t be a trip to Monks Cross without going into Primark which is where we tend to get some of our basics. I stocked up on longline vests and she got socks. I think our dog must be burying ours in the garden. 👧🏻 found a pleather jacket, apparently it’s something that she’s always wanted so he tried it on and it fits lovely.

Tween autumn clothing, pleather coat

Monsoon have some beautiful dresses and they have just recently got in some of the new season. Sadly the didn’t have the one I wanted in my size but I will definitely go back to get it at some point – I’ve been dreaming about it since.

Monsoon dresses, monks cross shopping, York

I’ve realised in the last couple of years it is much better to invest in some good quality pieces that are going to last year after year rather than buying cheap fast fashion that isn’t going to last.

On the day that we had gone shopping it was also the emergency services and Paw Patrol event at Monks Cross. We enjoyed looking round the emergency services vehicles and also had a photo taken with one of the characters.

monks cross shopping park in York emergency services dayAfter depositing all of the bags into the boot of the car we decided to go for a Starbucks. It was definitely needed I had a caramel latte and 👧🏻 had a mango iced tea which is now her favourite drink. I’m slightly concerned that at 10 her favourite drink is Starbucks!

We spent almost 4 hours shopping and trying things on and probably could’ve stayed for longer had we not had somewhere else to go in the afternoon. It is a great way to spend time together and I will defiantly make a habit of going out to update our wardrobes together.

If you want to stay longer at Monks Cross make sure you pop into the security office and give me your registration number.

Thank you so much to monks cross for inviting us to update our autumn wardrobes we had a great time I’m sure will be back again really soon.

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