Lockdown 3.0

Here we go again! Today is day one of the next lockdown. It has been ok. There have been tears but it has been ok. This time it feels different. We don’t have the sunshine and the novelty and newness of being at home. We have some really scary figures and the end is currently planned for February but we all remember that last time the planned end came and went several times and here we are nearly a year later in a worse place than ever.


Adding a rabbit, what could go wrong?


I am not sure adding a rabbit to the mix was my most sensible decision but she is providing a lot of entertainment and N will be home now to help her settle in.

I am planning to keep running this time. I need to for my own sanity. I miss the walks enjoying the sunshine and late nights in the garden but I realise how important it is to have space and time out. Who am I!




Home schooling this time will hopefully be easier. N had a full day of lessons that had been prerecorded by her teachers. There were a couple of bumpy bits including me thinking it was Monday but compared to last time it has been easier. Here’s hoping that continues.



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