Lindos with my daughter.

I have travelled to Rhodes a lot. My first holiday as an adult with my now husband was in 2003.  We went to Faliraki, we were young and had few responsibilities. I had just finished university and was about to begin work. There was time for a two week trip and wow we made the most of it. The days were spent reading on the beach and the nights drinking far to much. It was a lovely holiday


The following year we came back to Rhodes, this time to Lindos. Lindos is a beautiful location and we decided that we wanted to get married there. It was really simple to  plan the wedding and twelve months later we were back. We got married at St Paul’s Bay with a small number of friends and family. It was everything we had hoped for.  .  I absolutely love it on the beach at St Pauls Bay.


St Pauls Bay, Lindos


My husband doesn’t get the same number of holidays as us so we have had several holidays just the two of us.  I love holidays just the two of us.  It is a different dynamic.  Don’t get me wrong family holidays with all of us are great but there is something special about the two of us.


Our Wedding Venue


Making memories, the time is now


I am fully aware that she will not always want to come away with me, that this time will be one I look back on and I want to have been an available mum.  I want her to remember how loved she was and how we walked on the beach talking about everything and anything.  Walks in the evening after tea, swimming in the morning and trips to the local park.  Life is busy and in term time there is not always the time I want there to be to have quality time.  Work, school and life in general dictates much of the working week.  Holidays for us are time to completely switch off and enjoy each others company.  We are extreemly lucky to have the resources to travel and I am sure I will never regret our weeks away.

I am not sure we will go this year but it has a special place for me. ✈️

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