Kindle covers

So I received a kindle for Christmas, I am a book-worm.  I have always been a book lover and until the summer I could see no merit in having a book on an electronic device.  There is something wonderful about going into a decent book shop, preferably one that sells good coffee and getting lost in the pages of a good book.  Until recently I could not have thought of anything I would want less than a kindle. In the summer I decided I wanted to focus on doing more and having less.  This started out with clothes, shoes, gradually working my way through all of my things.  I got to my book cases and realised I have an extraordinary number of books.  I love books but I infrequently go back to a book.  A book has to be amazing for me to reread it. I can probably count the number reread on one hand.  One of those books where you think about the characters long after the final chapter and wonder what they are doing and how the story would unfold.  Those books I read and read again taking comfort in the familiar.  The rest of the books on my book case I have read and like the author or are yet to read.  I have a pile of books that I take away on the annual summer holiday.  I can’t think I will love these as I like to leave them behind.  In the communal book pile of the holiday destination.  Anyway, that was a ramble.  I love books, I love reading.  I infrequently read the same book more than once and I wanted to have less things.  Much more succinct.  So a kindle was the obvious answer.  I can have a book to read within seconds of realising I wanted it.  I can have my kindle in my bag taking up hardly any room.

What any kindle does need however is a nice cover.  To protect it from hopefully years of books.  Years of going on holidays, trains, planes and general adventures.  So here the fun began.  I wanted something fun and bright.  Something to cheer up the gray winter days.  I love Stylecraft special DK so that was the obvious place to start.  What can be more fun then a look at the different colors available – there are a lot.  So I ordered my wool on a Tuesday, it arrived on the Wednesday and I began Wednesday evening.

Beautiful and bright, perfect for the freezing grey morning.

I didn’t have an overall design or idea other than bright granny squares.  Here is how it went….


So after making the final two squares I tried out a few different options for the back.  I wanted to use the same colours, the first few didn’t seem right, one was too chunky and the other I just couldn’t’t get it to look how it did in my head.  I had thought that it would have all six colours, then maybe just three but the final make is so far removed from my initial ideas.

I am so happy with the final result.


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