January Challenge – Lose a Stone in a month.

My mission to lose a stone in a month, week one

I know! How cliche. New year diet bandwagon. I have much more than a stone to lose but for January I really want to focus on moving more and eating less. I spent the last nine months mainly at home and my commute to work became nine steps. I no longer went to the gym after work or managed a swim in my lunch break. I don’t really know why. I started lockdown well with a run three times a week but alongside that I introduced a bottle of Malbec a few times a week too. The running reduced and the Malbec increased over the summer. I had been going to the gym four times a week previously and I lost the time alone and the impact that doing these positive things for me had on how I felt.  In the first lockdown we baked as part of homeschooling – lessons in independence and other than the daily dog walk I hardly moved at all.  With each week that passed I felt my weight gain.  I could see it in my face.  It wasn’t a good look for me and I already had several stone to loose before this! 


In lockdown there were a lot of plates to spin. Home schooling, trying to keep up with the news, navigating us all being home all of the time and working full time. We had no takeaways, none were open, and I think our main meals were fairly healthy but my husband made us cinnamon swirls and bacon sandwiches for breakfast. I just need to look at that to put in a pound so here I am on the 1st January drawing a line.


I will keep you update here and on Instagram. I am also hoping to do Redjanuary2021 and went for my first run of the year this afternoon.


I hope to lose belly fat as that is where I hold a disproportionate amount of my weight.  I am going to be drinking much more water and eating the rainbow.  I know what I need to do and now is the time for me to do it.  I feel really motivated to keep focused for a month.  It feels so much more manageable to have broken my need to lose weight down to a much smaller timescale.  After January is over I will reconsider the next steps.  I need a metabolism booster as I probably have the worlds slowest metabolism, I am not one of those people who loses weight easily and I am positive that the older I get the harder it is to lose weight. I am not sure what will help, eating better and more often is going to have to help.  That is my plan and I will be sharing here an on social media to let you know how it goes and also to keep myself accountable.  Connecting with others has helped in other challenges I have given myself and I think this will also be the case now.  


I had spent he programmed on TV where four people go on a month long diet and the aim is for them to lose a stone in that time so I figured that it would be something I can try.  I didn’t really fancy some of the diets that they did on there but the focus and maintaining healthy eating for the full month appealed to me.  


Christmas is over and the lockdown eating has to stop or at least pause for a while.  If I do nothing I will gain more weight. 


I really appreciate all of the support that I have had on social media and as much as it is a huge cliche now is a great time to be embarking on a healthier lifestyle as many others are also embarking on their own missions too and I love following along with other people.  I have seen lots of posts about crazy low calorie diets and fat busting claims.  That isn’t for me.  I am not here for that kind of extreme as I know it won’t work for me.  It just doesn’t sound like a lot of fun for anyone does it!

If you want to follow along then click here for Weeks two and three results.


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