Iberostar – Sunny Beach Review

In May half term we went to Bulgaria. I thought it would be interesting to share some photos of the hotel we stayed in. We stayed in the Iberostar in Sunny Beach.

The hotel was central but far enough not to be disrupted by noise outside of the hotel complex.

Our room was modern and we had a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates waiting for us. There was water too and that was refreshed everyday.

We were all inclusive – I think everyone was. The food and drink were great and and much more of a selection then the all inclusive hotels I have stayed at before.

The hotel has seven swimming pools and a lifeguard is there in the day. The pools were always really clear as was the area around the pool. The seagulls were a constant presence but mainly they just flew around and only swooped in when food was unattended.

Within a couple of steps there was a private beach. Again really clean and good quality sun-beds and umbrellas.

There were lots of things for children including the park and a kids club. 👧🏻 didn’t want to go to the club as I was happy to spend time with her but if you wanted a break it is a good option. Completely free and the staff are really lovely.

The food was hot and refreshed often. The wine was good and so was the coffee.

Part way through the stay all of the single use plastic was removed and paper or wooden things replaced it. I was really impressed.

Round the back of the hotel was a cafe and small soft play. There was an outside gym, trampoline and mini golf.

We had a great time. Highly recommend.


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