I went to Yarndale……

I thought it would be nice to write about my trip to Yarndale this weekend and share my purchases here.

This is the second time I have been, my love of crochet began when a friend went to Yarndale in 2013 and came back with one of attic24’s blanket packs for me. At this point I don’t think I could make a square never mind make the beautiful colours ripple together. I am not sure what I was thinking but I started the blanket and here I am years later loving crochet and all the colour and community that comes with it.

So this is the sixth Yarndale and my second and I came over from York with a couple of friends. I thought I would be more prepared this time as I knew what to expect. As I came into the auction mart I was again shocked by the number or exhibitors and the huge array of colourful goodness.

I parked at the park and ride which was really easy and just £2.50 for parking and the bus. I was jealous of the people who came by train and got to travel on this lovely double decker.

When we arrived we thought it would be good to start at one side and work across to the other. Turns out this is the plan that everyone else had too. We quickly changed our minds and started towards the middle. We popped in to see Lucy, attic24 and her beautiful blankets. I decided to wait until the new cal comes out but I was really tempted by the hydrangea blanket. I am thinking I may make a small one as a Christmas gift. Maybe. This year as well as her blankets being displayed so you could see them really well Lucy also had her attic24 blanket which looked stunning.

We moved from there to look at the stalls. There were soo many each with lots of beautiful things. It was a little overwhelming, I had not really gone with a list of what I was looking for or even who was going to be there that I wanted to see. Maybe that is something to think about for next time.

At the opposite end of the hall were the beautiful crochet bunting, butterflies, poppies and sheep.

We looked from the middle of the hall out and by lunch time had managed half of the room. It is huge. Before lunch I found this beautiful stitch keeper.

They are made by Emily Cross Ceramics. I went for a hot air balloon one as I had spent the day before at the York balloon fiesta.

There were lots of options for lunch and it was nice to sit down and reflect on what we had seen. I had made a mental note of some things I wanted to go back for and also looked at the map in the middle of the brochure to see where I could get coffee. Lunch was busy but there was plenty of food and plenty of seats.

We popped outside but it was cold so no coffee on the grass this year. We did see some of the lovely crochet.

We then went to the other side of the hall where we had started and it was much quieter. I found these beautiful ceramic goodies. They were made by Tile Productions.

After this we managed coffee and another sit down. Everyone was so friendly and sharing stories as we had a drink.

I then found all of this cotton which is my current obsession. I am not entirely sure what it will be but I love it.

Finally I went back to get three skeins of autumnal yarn from coop knits. Look how beautiful the colours are.

It was a lovely day. We stayed from 10:30 until 4:00. There was a lot to see and I did think it would be nice to be able to go back this weekend. Sadly I have to wait a whole year.

Here are all by lovely things together.



  1. Clare
    October 4, 2018 / 11:07 am

    Looks like you made it to Cotton Pod I would have been lying in a dark room by the time you got there – how Sharon has the stamina for both days, I do not know xxx

    • unicornpuffsandrainbows
      October 9, 2018 / 6:48 am

      I did. Love cotton pod!! Have started using the beautiful yellow cotton last night. ✨

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