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I have had the absolute pleasure of attending a Q & A at the Bumpandbaby expo at York organised by Avocado Events.  It was really informative and made me feel all the feels.  Both Viki and Sally spoke so openly and passionately about their journeys and they were both moving and really informative.  Here are the main things I took away.


Social Media

Social media can be a blessing and a curse.  It can be lovely but it can also be an unrealistic reflection of other peoples ordinary.  It is important to remember that it is a lot of smoke and mirrors and people are showing what they choose to .  Not everyone is #blessed and it is ok to share that things are not always great. There is power in telling your story and making yourself vulnerable.  It is also really important to find your tribe.  The supporters who are there with you.    There will be people who discourage you and try to knock you, that says more about them then you.  Keep going.


The internet is a great leveler, it brings everyone to the same starting point.   If you want to be out there doing what other people do then go for it.  We all have the same options and opportunities.  Just remember, don’t get too caught up in the dream. The dream is right now.  This really resonated with me.


This is the journey, it is important to be brave.  Go for it!! Start before your ready.  We never feel ready.  Learn. Keep going. Keep on keeping on.You are not failing if you are struggling and juggling – we all are in all areas of our lives.  Some people make it look easier then others.  Know we are all in the same place. We all have our mental and emotional load, some hide it, others allow themselves to be vulnerable. We don’t need to be super woman. Take time to fill the cup back up. We are all shit at making sure that we take time for ourself.


Work smarter, not harder

Busy equals success is a social construct, it isn’t true.   Success is what ever it means to you.  Everyone’s vision will look different.  Think about what you think it is and stop comparing.  For some it may be to work part time, to do the school run or to drive the best car.  What ever is your version of success, that is where you need to aim for, not anyone else’s version.  Work smarter not harder. Be strict in what you say yes to and don’t lose yourself in the process.  Bloggers have a lot to offer, there is power in micro blogging, use it to your advantage.  Know what you provide and own it!!  Create an ongoing pr budget for yourself, that may be your own time, gifts, guest blogging, what ever it is have a plan. What’s the worst that can happen.


We are all scared.  Keep banging the doors down until you don’t need to bang anymore. Feel confident.  Hard work does pay off. One email is all it takes, things are not as far away as you think they are. Put yourself out there and approach people.  We underestimate the power we have already.


Be yourself

Evolve and change you will grow as you go.   Be yourself and do what makes you happy.  Don’t be scared to be vulnerable. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns.  This made me giggle.  Trust yourself.   Trust your gut.  You don’t have to follow the crowd. Focus on what makes you happy. Do your research. Only do what feels viscerally right for you.  It’s all there within you.


Solidify your brand. You are in control. You are your niche.  There are opportunities everywhere. It doesn’t matter when you start,  success is consistently showing up, don’t sabotage yourself.


So do it!!  What ever it is your thinking about starting, go for it.  What have you got to lose?


Honest Mum – Mum Boss

This is the book that Honest Mum has recently published. I have added a link.

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