Blogmas – Day 14 Hair care for children’s hair

I have not had time today so I am quickly refreshing this post. An old one but saved my sanity!

My daughters hair is long. Really long. She has no intention of cutting it anytime soon so we had to work out a way of managing the nest it creates when she sleeps on it. We have tried lots of different options but the things that help with her hair are oil and a wet brush. Here is an overview of how I manage my daughters hair. It makes brushing it so much better and there are no more tangled knots each morning.


So I found fairly early on that the children’s shampoo didn’t like her hair. Now she is eleven she would be mortified if I used anything aimed at children. We are currently loving the dove shampoo and conditioner and this leaves her hair smelling really nice and also soft and shining. We occasionally use a hair mask but I am not sure that does much. She leaves the conditioner on her hair for five minutes and brushes it through. It took her a while to wash her hair independently and more times then I care to remember I had to send her back into the shower to rinse.


She then towel dries her hair and adds some oil. Again we have tried lots of different oils and they differ enormously not only in how they affect her hair to the touch but also the look of it. Our favourite is this bumble and bumble oil. It is perfect. I put on three pumps each time I dry her hair and it takes the frizz makes it brush easier and it truly is invisible. Now she is older she can manage this independently – occasionally I blow dry her hair but mainly she does it herself and this product is a lifesaver.


The biggest game changer on the hair front has to be the wet brush. By the time we tried the wet brush we had a collection of brushes that would rival boots. They were all fine on my hair but for my daughters hair they would not go through it. The wetbrush glides effortlessly through the hair. I now have them in my bag and car as I really wouldn’t be without it. I tried to get another at the weekend as they have some lovely designs but our local boots were out of stock.

Finally I put her hair in plaits when it is wet. This keeps it smooth and again helps her hair to be easier to manage. She is less impressed with this now but occasionally she lets me. She never does it herself.

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