Growing up too quickly

A quick post this evening following on from yesterday’s Instagram post. I wanted to share where we are at with independence. It is one of the toughest parenting dilemmas to date. I guess that’s mainly because it is so subjective.

We are working on independence in preparation for high school in a years time. As much as I want to wrap 👧🏻 up in cotton wool and not let her leave the house without me I do realise that that isn’t healthy for either of us. So we (mainly me) are working on going out on her own for brief amounts of time. She is ten and a half and her friends have had lots more independence for some time. She is one of the oldest in her year but that doesn’t help the worry. As with all aspects of parenting it has to be what is right for you and your family. The no right answers thing is not what I am good at. I like to have clear guidelines and with this growing up business there are none.

I have decided that the answer is having an open house and making this the place her friends want to be. We are going to convert the shed into a secret seven style den!! I am also going to work on her being outside for small amounts of time on her own. With the rules of where she can go and what she can do being agreed together. It feels very much like this is the edge of freedom. Wish me luck!!


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