Gifted: Turn of the screw

Artspod kindly gifted me tickets to go and see Turn of the Screw last night at the York Theatre Royal. Here is a review.

The Turn of the Screw is at York until the 1st June.

The story is based on two orphan children whose uncle is left in charge of them. Seemingly disinterested in their upbringing he employed a governess to manage the children.

The set is fairly static and I have taken a photo – below. The props are cleverly moved around on stage during the performance. The use of light is very dramatic.

It was superbly executed with the story moving between the current and previous experiences. Steeped in suspense the story plays out switching between past and present. Amy Dunn’s ability to switch between Mrs Conray and Flora was flawless. Her movement and vocal changes alongside the music made the character shifts before your eyes absolutely wonderful. The music was gripping and there were a couple of occasions where I nearly jumped out of my seat. I spent much of the evening either perched on the edge of my seat or jumping out of my skin. This was a nerve shredding blend of Victorian ghost story telling with a disturbing undertone of sexual desire.

The play is very cleverly cast with four cast members. It concludes with the audience drawing their own conclusions about the outcome. Defiantly one that benefits from a glass of wine and a chat afterwards.

Janet Dibley who plays the governess was absolutely sensational. If you get the chance to go and see this I would highly recommend.


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