#gifted Sodastream Review

* This blog post is based on a product I have been gifted. It contains an affiliate link which means I receive a small fee at no cost to the person purchasing.

I am a child of the 80s. I have a really clear memory of visiting my grandmother and having a drink that had been made using her SodaStream. We didn’t have one at home and it was always really exciting to me as a child. Roll on a couple of decades and I am now in my 30s and the proud owner of my very own Sodastream.


I have kindly been gifted a Sodastream Spirit. It is black and comes with a reusable bpa free carbonating bottle and a gas cylinder.


It is really easy to get started With picture instructions – this is always my preference and I find them much easier to understand. We had fitted the gas and filled the bottle with water within a couple of minutes. It looks great and much less bulky than the one from my childhood. I am particularly interested in the concept of using the Sodastream to reduce our plastic use. We drink quite a lot of sparkling water and this is perfect to make our own. The bottle that comes with the machine is the perfect size to keep the water in the fridge. img_0383

There are clear instructions about different amounts of fizz and how long to push the button for. It is really simple to use. img_0384


If you are looking to reduce the amount of single use plastic then this is a great place to start.  It is currently on offer on Amazon – Sodastream – Amazon *


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