Gifted: Hafmall Changing Bag Backpack

We have been invited to review the Hafmall changing bag. The bag arrived in April and we have now given it a lot of use. It came on holiday to Belgium with us where I used it as my overnight bag on the ferry. It was then used as the main bag each day for carrying around drinks, books and picnics and also during the trip we used it for swimming.

I have not had the need for a changing bag for a number of years but this bag is really versatile and great not only as a changing bag but as a travel backpack. The bag is currently retailing at £32.75 and I have added a link here Hafmall bag – Amazon.

The bag is really roomy and easily fit in everything we needed. It comes with clips and Valero attachments so can easily be hung from a shopping trolly (or buggy). There are several compartments but these are well positioned – I have had bags before where it’s impossible to find anything but this one had a good balance of the main compartment and side and internal pockets. There is a pocket on the top at the back With is perfect for mobile phones and purses and you can access it whilst still wearing the bag. There is also a zip on the back that accesses the bottom of the bag so you don’t have to rummage.

The bag is really good quality inside and out. It is waterproof. We were really impressed and would recommend.


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