Gifted: Charles Worthington

I have kindly been gifted these shampoo, conditioner and dry shampoo from the salon at home Charles Worthington range. Here are my thoughts.


This shampoo and conditioner are proven to delay the need to wash your hair.  This is a brave claim and one I wasn’t convinced about.  Having used the shampoo this week it really is true.  I have been really impressed with the products.  The blurb from the company says that hair feels clean for up to seventy two hours.  I most liked that the product made my hair feel soft and the smell is lovely.



I have used Charles Worthington products before and the travel minis are often from the salon at home range.  This is an updated version and I love the sleek packaging.


The range is currently on offer in boots and is available at a third off the usual price.  The shampoo and conditioner are now under five pounds – really good value.



I don’t need to wash my hair every day so the additional time between washing isn’t something I am looking for in a shampoo most of the time but for times like last weekend when we are camping or away and it isn’t practical to wash then this is a perfect solution.


The texture of the product is lovely, it smells amazing.  My favorite product is the dry shampoo.  I have tried many in the past but never got along with it.  I find it leaves my hair feeling chalky.  This is really different and truly refreshed by hair.  Amazing.



The salon at home range have also got a growing strong range which strengthens hair.  I can not wait to give that a try.  There is also an everyday gentle, volume and bounce, moisture seal and thicker and fuller range.

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