Gifted. Blogmas 2 SaveMoneyCutCarbon Sustainable Swap Box & Home Club Membership

I have been sent a Home Club Membership and Sustainable Swap Box. It’s a great introduction to taking practical steps to be more sustainable. This product was gifted however I am under no obligation to post.

You can check out the SaveMoneyCutCarbon website here .

We have made an effort this year to recycle more and make some swaps at home so this box has a couple of things in that we have already – we use beeswax wraps and bamboo toothbrushes when away from home. It has been interesting to see which other swaps are in the box.

The sustainable swap box is on offer at the moment. You can click here to have a closer look it is £29.95 which is a £10 saving.

What’s in the box?
OceanSaver Anti-Bac EcoDrop – plant-based soluble cleaning drops that replace traditional anti-bacterial trigger spray cleaners

Bamboo Cotton Buds x 4 – robust and compostable, replacing plastic, chemical coated cotton buds

Flow Bag – helping you check the flow rate of your taps and showers to understand your current water usage

Compostable Sponge x 1 – a reusable sponge cleaning cloth made from natural materials, designed to replace and last longer than traditional plastic sponges

Patch Plaster x 2 – allergy-free, compostable, and sensitive skin friendly, these plasters replace traditional latex and chemical coated plasters

Beeswax Wrap – reusable, biodegradable wraps designed to replace your clingfilm and sandwich bags

Waste Not 70L sack x1 – strong and fully compostable, this bin liner replaces traditional plastic black bin liners

Wheelie Bin Sticker – a sticker for your wheelie bin, telling people that you ‘wheelie care about the planet’! (Yes, we wheelie did go there…)

Bamboo Toothbrush – a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush with BPA-free recyclable bristles, designed to replace plastic toothbrushes

An ecoegg fresh linen laundry egg & LED light bulb will be added, for free, to your next order so that we all save on packaging and unnecessary road miles.

As you would expect all of the packaging is recyclable. It fits in the post box too.

As well as being good for the environment the products help you to save money. All of the products come with guides, tips and practical advice throughout the year to help you continue to learn about cutting carbon and saving money.

As well as the box of ten items to swap to cut carbon there is a twelve month membership for the SaveMoneyCutCarbon Home Club. This gives you access to the cheapest way to keep buying all of the products in the box and many more on an ongoing basis. At £4.95 a month it is a really cost effective way to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

What do I think?

This is a really good introduction to products that are better for the planet and it is a bonus that they are good value for money. As I said I have started to make some swaps at hole and found it helpful to have a box of items that I could implement straight away. Someone else had don’t the thinking for me which at the moment is fantastic.

I would have preferred the eco laundry egg and LED bulb to have arrived with the box and it was a little confusing as to how this would arrive but once I had read the information properly it became clear.

I am looking forward to the year of guides tips and advice and hope it makes a difference with lots of small changes and regular reminders. That feels like it will be achievable.


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