Fuzzikins camper van carry case The perfect travel toy

I have very kindly been gifted the fuzzikins camper van for 👧🏻 from wirepr.  Thank you again, it is incredibly kind.   The box arrived just before our most recent trip away to Portugal. It could not have arrived at a better time!!


We unpackaged the camper van and before 👧🏻could see too much about what was inside we popped it in our hand luggage and left it there until we got to the airport. Once we had gone through security we got it out and this meant that she was kept entertained and we got to begin our holiday!!


The rrp is £19.99 and it’s worth every penny.   It is currently cheaper on amazon and here is a link (affiliate link). Fuzzikins Campervan Carrycase

We had previously got the cozy dogs and they came away with us as well, the link for them is hereFuzzikins Craft Dozy Dogs.  The dogs are good and a similar concept but for us the camper van carry case was far better value, an extra ten pounds gets you a case to carry it in and opens up the imagination so much more.

The cats are white and are made of a fuzzy material.  The information on the product says that the cats can be decorated – with the four pens provided and then washed and decorated again.  We didn’t do that and ours were colored in for hours and I dread to think what would happen if we accidentally got them wet.  They look amazing and were a real joy for my daughter to colour in.  She is super proud of how they look.


The camper van is really cleverly designed.  It has a big door that is the full side of the van and this opens down.  It secures easily and is simple for little fingers.  The four pens clip into the door and are easy to keep hold of.  We managed not to miss place any of them.    I found this especially helpful when we were out traveling whilst on holiday and also when we were on the plane.  The camper van comes with two cats and like I said above we had already purchased the dog fuzzikins.  All of the range has been amazing quality.


As well as the van with s surfboard handle that you can unclip, a driving seat, table and two chairs is a fold down bed with blanket for hours of imaginative play.   Added to this are the stickers, there are preprinted stickers for the windows that you can stick on but my favorite bit has to be the colour in stickers, there are several pages of stickers and you can show your own style with these.  I love them.



We took the van or the fuzzikins out each day and enjoyed taking pictures of them, here are a couple, at the top of the cathedral in Saville, at a beautiful fountain and on the beach.


I would highly recommend the toy, I would say it is suitable from four plus and like I said it is the perfect for a nine year old and if you are looking for a gift for Christmas or birthdays I don’t think you could go far wrong.


My daughter’s opinion was that it was an amazing toy and the best bit for her was coloring in the cats and choosing the colours herself.

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