Flourish events – winter wellness supper club

Last Saturday I was kindly gifted a ticket to the winter wellness supper club in Leeds. The event was held at Lambert’s Yard which is really central. There were welcome drinks, delicious food and then a panel of inspirational women spoke about winter wellness.

On the panel was Women’s Health columnist and best-selling author, Alice Liveing, as well as leading food blogger Happyskinkitchen and health blogger/psychologist, Healthyandpsyched. Nichola Ludlam-Raine who is a dietician.

I took the following things from the panel discussions


Do something that you are going to enjoy. Go with a friend. You don’t have to be sweating to have had a good workout. Being mindful and taking time out is so beneficial. What are you hoping to achieve? A healthy body isn’t always about aesthetics. Look more for the health benefits.

Morning routine

Stress in the morning create a cycle of stress in the day. Eliminate decisions. Do as much as possible the night before.


There are no bad foods. Prepare in advance, batch cook. In the winter we should all be taking 10 mcg of vitamin d.

80. 20 rule. There are no bad foods. Balance is key.

As well as several prizes everyone who went got an AMAZING free wellness box, packed with healthy goodies from Squirrel Sisters, Optiat, Equinox Kombucha, MissFits, Ape Snacks, Fitch Brew, Real Handful, Mindful Chef, Vegan Life Magazine & Floradix. The boxes were amazing and came with a 20 % off your first box code they have allowed me to share it here WellFit20

You can find them at www.wellfitbox.com

There was a beautiful room upstairs with all sorts of pampering available as well as this flower wall.

Flourish events have another event planned and all their details can be found here



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