Feeling content

I think the sun has a lot to answer for!  Where has it been, I know it is February but it has been weeks, months since it has been out.  Today I was driving to Skipton and there it was with all its glory.  The sun makes me feel so happy.  It makes the world much more beautiful and amplifies my feelings of contentment.  I was driving today, not in a hurry for a change.  Not fighting the traffic to get to after school club or trying to get to a meeting.  It can feel like I am constantly rushing from one place to another with a to do list longer than my arm.  Today I had a full day to myself, well school hours – lets not get ahead of ourself.  I decided to be completely self-indulgent.  I could have put on three loads of washing, I could have cleaned out the fridge, I could have cleaned the toilets.  None of that happened and I am not one bit sorry. There was no mum guilt about the need to make a healthy home-made meal or plan a fun after school activity.  Today was about coffee, sunshine and crochet.  I went to Coopers Cafe Bar in Skipton and had a wonderful time.  A coffee, an earl grey and lunch.  I have been to the knit and natter sessions a couple of times before and thoroughly enjoyed myself. From the drive over to the car party for one it truely was amazing.

I listened to some amazing songs on the way over, music is almost as theraputic as the sunshine.  A song can take you away and in an instant change your mood.  This was a drive full of songs that were significant to me for various reasons.  I was that person singing at the top of my lungs and i was having a blast.

Who needs filters!

So this was the view during my car party for one.  It was amazing.  The song Rather Be, Clean Bandit came on whilst I was sat in traffic.  I love this song for various reasons and I had an amazing time singing.

After a wonderful lunch I decided to pop into a wool shop and purchased a few patterns to join my collection.  I was strong and didn’t purchase any wool.  Look at me with my self control!! My husband would disagree about self control as my yarn stash is quite large but what does he know.

On the way back I pulled over to have five more minutes before I got on with the rest of my day and I wanted to savor the feeling of feeling content.  I took a photo of my moorland blanket against a backdrop of the beautiful view.  What do you think?

I guess I just wanted to remember that sometimes it is ok to say no, I am not going to be that person who always has their shit together.  Today I am very clearly not that person.  My house is a mess but I am a very happy person.

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