Fairy kitchen garden

AD: We have kindly been gifted the Fairy Kitchen Garden. It is perfect for starting to look at growing your own food. We are hoping to get into the garden this year and grow more food. This fairy garden is a great start and with the lovely weather we had at the beginning of February we could almost imagine that it was spring.

The box comes with everything you need other than the soil.

  • Window planter
  • Fairy figure
  • Garden fence and gate
  • Fairy house
  • Pea shoot seeds
  • You can buy additional things and we had a kit sent at the end of last year so we mixed them. There are other Fairies to collect. The rose smells exceptional. The little house is very cute. The fairy can sit on the fence or on her knees. They also come with hair clips which 👧🏻 really enjoyed wearing. Patience isn’t a strong point here so we were very pleased that the seeds started sprouting in a couple of days. It took a few days for the micro greens to grow as tall as the fence and then a few more days until they were tall enough to eat. It was a lovely thing to do and we have kept it alive for three weeks. Impressive plant care in this house.

Here is a link to the fairy garden on Amazon. This is an affiliate link which means that I get a little commission but it costs you no extra.

Fairy Kitchen Garden

If you register you can order more seeds and just have to pay for postage.

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